Computer Maintenance

Have you had your system fail you at the most inopportune time and you lost a lot of important data?  Is your computer running so slow that your stress level goes up every time you try to do something on it?  Proper computer maintenance can keep your system running smoothly and decrease the chance of a failure at an unexpected time.  A well-maintained computer lasts longer, working more smoothly the whole way.

One easy thing you can do it to keep your keyboard, mouse, and openings clean.  By gently wiping them and blowing the dust out of crevices, you can decrease the risk of the computer overheating, and your other accessories will work better.

Our Computer Maintenance Services:

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  • We inspect your system’s firewall to make sure it is up and running to prevent malware.  
  • We help you delete any programs or other things on your computer that are keeping your computer from running more efficiently.  Many times there are programs running in the background using up your computers resources.  We can help you completely uninstall the programs you don’t need.  
  • We will help you set up an external hard drive to backup your data.
  • We can scan your computer periodically and do a diagnostic to make sure there is no malware that needs to be removed.
  • We help you install appropriate software to increase your computers defenses against malware and virus’.  
  • We do any updates your computer might need.
  • We can also reinstall your operating system.  Sometimes your computer just needs to start over.
Come see us and we can do all of the maintenance your computer needs to keep it running smoothly.  No need for you to worry if you have done it right, or wonder if you completed all the necessary steps.  Call us at 208-321-0088 or come by our store and we would be happy to help you out!  We serve Boise, Meridian, ID and all surrounding areas.