Computer Data Recovery in Boise

Data Recovery is the process we go through to salvage any lost or corrupted data that can’t be retrieved the normal way.  If your computer died on you and has an important document saved only on that computer, or if you have saved pictures you don’t want to lose, it is time for you to go to a professional for data recovery.

Sometimes people accidentally delete an important document.  It may be impossible for you to access again, but there is a possibility we will be able to recover that important data for you.


CCleaner is the number-one tool to clean PCs, with over two billion downloads worldwide. It cleans unnecessary junk files and browsing history to make computers faster, more secure and last longer.


Recuva restores files from a Windows computer, recycle bin, digital camera card, MP3 player and more!
If you have a hard drive failure, or lost your data some other way, we can help you recover your lost data.  Call us at 208-321-0088 or bring your hard drive in.  If your computer is externally damaged, or internally damaged, we will do our best to recover your lost data.  We serve Boise and Meridian, ID and all of the surrounding cities.